[MAP] I-502 Zoning Ordinances bound by City. Active and Approved Producers by Point Location



This map offers a visualization into marijuana moratoria by using U.S. Census designated city boundaries and TIGER geocoded addresses to create a map overlay. Maps offer a partial view of data. Errors and omissions are always present. Not intended for navigation. Your mileage may vary. Positional accuracy is approximate. Contact Steve Hyde to discuss.

Religion and 502 moratoria: Are particular denominations a problem?


“The Washington counties with the highest percentages of Mormons are clustered in the southeast part of the state, although Lewis County ‚ÄĒ just south of Pierce and Thurston counties ‚ÄĒ also has one of the highest concentrations. ¬†Adams County has the greatest proportion of Mormons ‚ÄĒ nearly 12 percent of the total population.”

Map and quote from http://blogs.seattletimes.com/fyi-guy/2013/01/05/where-are-washingtons-mormons/

CASP is pleased to amplify the voices of applicants with different perspectives on the cultural politics of the new moratoria on 502 businesses in Washington state. This anonymous post from an I-502 applicant I know pretty well suggests that Mormon/Latter Day Saint institutions and community leaders may pose a particular problem to the successful¬†roll out¬†of I-502. ¬†Readers should be aware of course that Mormons are not all of the same mind on the issue — ed.

by Anonymous 502 applicant

I’m raising an issue which is one we aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company, religion.¬† But I have to raise it because I think the collective impact of one institution is having great affect with moratoriums.

In this situation the social policy question is, has the influence of the LDS moral compass over stepped the will of the people of the state?

The first time I was told (by a former councilmember who is also a former 502 applicant) about  counter-organizing efforts coming from The Church of LDS is reflected in the public testimony in Enumclaw for the March 26th hearing regarding extending the emergency ban for medical and recreational cannabis business licensing.  Councilman Dickinson is a deacon in the local church where he rallied members to give public testimony.  Their opinions lead one to think there was a talking point sheet distributed.

The second time I was informed of their control was by Duvall¬†Planning Department Manager Lara Thomas.¬† I contacted her office about a¬†vacant space for lease, I didn’t know prior to the call that it was owned by the city.¬† I asked her if the city would object to a licensed marijuana retail store, her response was that there is a ban on that business type.¬† When I informed her of the 68% voter approval in the Duvall precint she said they didn’t know what they were voting for.¬† Adding to the insult she said the city council was made of Mormons and they won’t allow marijuana in their town.

Snohomish county, Duvall, Enumclaw and the city of Snohomish are all predominantly Mormons sitting on the council.¬† When the public hearings were announced to ban cannabis businesses the deacons rallied their people to represent their opinion¬†as the¬†publics testimony.¬†¬†Hence intentionally altering a state law to fit their idea of a community of God’s law (or Johnathan Smith?).

I have observed that where the bans/moratorium/NIMBY prevail are also where the city councils are majority Mormon.  When a new law of the state does not fit into their ideal community they choose to use legal processes to keep the new laws out of their community.  Zoning is one such legal tool used in segregating what fits into an ideal community and what does not.

For a business to operate in an incorporated area it usually has to obtain a license.  A license is granted if the business conforms to ordinances set forth by the incorporated district managers.  One type of ordinance is the area the business is located, the zone.  Creating a zone is the first step.  Allowing the business to operate is the second step.  This process can take up to a year, usually longer to complete.

In this situation the social policy question is, has the influence of the moral compass over stepped the will of the people of the state?

Historical context: Uncle Ike’s neighborhood and its discontents


Photo by KING5 news, from their story.

CASP welcomes this perspective on the Uncle Ike’s location controversy from psychologist¬†Curtis Creek, who remembers from whence it came — ed.

by Curtis Creek, special contributor

Tuesday, September 30th saw the long awaited opening of Seattle’s second Cannabis retailer, Uncle Ike’s. Located at the corner of 23rd and Union, the shop successfully ran the gauntlet of State requirements and was granted official approval to open for business. On Sunday, October 5th, the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church organized a large protest that drew over a hundred people against the Business, located next door.  And they have pledged to keep protesting. That has surprised some, and angered others.  Other stores statewide opened with no protests whatsoever. And if there was an attempt at a protest somewhere, it went unnoticed. Churches are not included under the 1000 foot rule that keeps pot shops away from schools, parks and other public areas, since Churches are private. While some may be angered that churches were not included in the 1000ft rule, there’s much more to it than that.  A bit of Seattle drug history might help to clarify.

That corner in the 1980’s was the epicenter of the crack cocaine/gang problems in Seattle. ¬†Mt Calvary Baptist was founded right there at the height of the ‚Äúepidemic‚ÄĚ in 1987 by Pastor Reggie Witherspoon, and that church and pastor battled that problem through its heyday. Abandoned crack houses and heroin crash pads were more common than family dwellings at one point right around their corner. Pastor Witherspoon was very active in the early days of the Church with anti-gang outreach, and youth services to try to counteract the problems in that neighborhood. I was a therapist around time doing work with some of the same youth just a couple of blocks away at 23rd and John St. His efforts were welcomed by the enduring elements of community left there at that time. His work doing gang outreach led to training other churches and service agencies around the area, and speaking engagements earned pastor Witherspoon a strong following and notoriety.

There was also more than a little bit of grandstanding over the years by the Pastor, since their very visible battles with the drug and gang problem brought them a lot of community support, swelled their numbers and brought in tons of donations. Coupled with the fact that the Baptist church has mostly taken a hard line against drugs, and the Church has long been the epicenter of public life in the African American Community makes this a volatile situation.

The Pastor’s outrage is reasonable on one level, the problems of hard drugs and gangs in the neighborhood are ongoing. It has only been through a huge community effort led in part by Pastor Witherspoon that the conditions there have improved over the years. People and businesses have returned to the area, and new construction is underway.

It is likely another Church and pastor might have ignored this encroachment, but not this Pastor or this Church. In addition to some level of justifiable outrage, Pastor Witherspoon likely remembers the notoriety he received and how it helped his attendance and his church‚Äôs finances. Anybody familiar with the history of that corner might have predicted this, but outside the neighborhood, who could be expected to know? ¬†I agree that the owners of Ike’s might have shown a bit more sensitivity, but they are running a legal business, and likely had no expectation of this reaction. When you open a business like a gas station, or grocery in an area that has multiple businesses, you don‚Äôt generally ask the permission of the neighbors. ¬†That corner is a high traffic, mixed residential commercial zone, with a liquor store, The Neighbor Lady Tavern, and a gas station that sells beer and wine. I believe the owners of Ike‚Äôs ¬†were blindsided by the reaction.


This is a problem that may defy an easy solution. No compromise seems available that can satisfy both sides. I don’t expect the owners of Uncle Ike’s to abandon their investments and licenses. The owner of Ike’s went to extraordinary lengths to secure that business, having been a loser in the original lottery and having had to search out and partner with a winner who didn’t have the address or the funds. Pastor Witherspoon? He’s made his first move very publicly and loudly, as is his style. He is not going to back down, not now, not after the cameras showed up and people like me began to opine.



[photo essay] Harvesting Legal Landscapes: on location in Washington State

Landscape Photography
by Steve Hyde
Okanogan Valley, October 2014

It’s harvest season in Washington State and the cannabis farmers are pioneering a new way of life under state-legal conditions. These photographs offer a glimpse into the emerging sun-grown cannabis industry in North Central Washington.

Agricultural Craft

Agricultural Craft

The region is known for its apples, which are one of Washington States premiere export crops. The state-legal sungrown cannabis however is grown for consumption within Washington State only.

Okanogan Valley, October 2014

Okanogan Valley, October 2014

Apples can and do thrive in this region.

Okanogan Valley, October 2014

Okanogan Valley, October 2014

The first state-legal sungrown crops are thriving too.

a sungrown botanical wonder.  This plant emerged with red, gold and green leaves.

a sungrown botanical wonder. This plant emerged with red, gold and green leaves.

With great care and many long days at work, the cannabis plants are cultivated to produce robust flowers.

Okanogan Valley, Washington October 10th, 2014

Okanogan Valley, Washington October 10th, 2014

state-legal producers are required to monitor this heavily regulated botanical product with a digital tracking system.

Biotrack plant monitoring system required by Washington State Liquor Control Board

Biotrack plant monitoring system required by Washington State Liquor Control Board

The fresh flowers are processed and prepared for packaging.

fresh plant material ready to be  trimmed.

fresh plant material ready to be trimmed.

Customized machinery aids the trimming process.

A trimming machine streamlines the cultivation work flow.

A trimming machine
streamlines the cultivation work flow.

The flowers before they are dried.

Fresh flower buds emerge from  the trimmer.

Fresh flower buds emerge from the trimmer.

The final product, packaged and ready for the state-legal market.

Progressive County Reversing Its Course on Marijuana Zoning


by Shawn DeNae

Progressive County Reversing Its Course on Marijuana Zoning


Snohomish County Council took a progressive stance in 2013 to get ahead of the curve on marijuana zoning; acknowledging that recreational and medical marijuana needed guidance for those in the county moving forward with legalization efforts to bring the black market into compliance and bring living wage jobs and economic prosperity to the county.

The pro-cannabis business people who packed council chambers on November 13, 2013 literally stood and applauded Snohomish County Councilman on November 13, 2013 when Ordinance 13-086 passed with unanimous vote.  This ordinance logically recognizes marijuana production and processing as agricultural like in nature and thus compatible with zones where agricultural business have been established and encouraged for decades; Rural Industrial (RI), CRC, Rural 5-10 acres (R-5) and Agricultural 10+ acres (A-10) among others.

The crowd consisted of many longtime farmers wishing to convert their common crops and finally retire to folks planning on cashing in their retirement and invest in Snohomish County.  According to realtors, phones began ringing off the hook from potential applicants looking for properly zoned land.  R5 properties were a hot ticket as they are prevalent and have a huge range of values that fit many budgets.  For many, Sno Co was the place to go!

People who applied for I-502 licenses were then vetted by their county or municipality based upon their address qualifying as ‚Äėpermitted use‚Äô (or not) for their particular zones. ¬†According to Michael Dovish at the SPD, 131 applicants were given a thumbs up on their locations in early 2014 to move forward in Sno Co; of those 86 are on R5 zoned properties. ¬†Snohomish Planning and Development (SPD) has received only 23 completed applications for permits as of October 1st, 2014, which are deemed ‚Äėvested‚Äô under the 2013 zoning.

Since that time, hopeful marijuana entrepreneurs have begun the arduous process of trying to bring their legal marijuana business to fruition.  One difficult hurdles has been getting through the permit process.  The SPD consulted with Colorado counterparts and decided to implement costly F1 Commercial Building codes and SEPA review to these proposed agricultural buildings.  Even the 8’ high fences required around outdoor grows require a special permit and Fort Knox like costly construction.

This had some unintended consequences: Some farmers simply gave up instead of complying with SEPA or putting ADA baths and sprinkler systems into their old barns; some hired the architects, engineers, critical area and other specialists in preparation to submit the required commercial building permit applications; some just skipped the entire permit process all together, converted their buildings, moved through the LCB (WA State Liquor Control Board) requirements and got (or are slated to get) their highly valued legal marijuana license since the LCB does not require compliance confirmation of local permitting requirements.

In the meantime, medical marijuana shops (MMJs) have continued to open in clustered areas that are zoned for such activities by the county.  This brought outrage from the community of Clearview recently.  In a town of just over 3,000 residents, over 200 people showed up in protest to continuing to allow marijuana business to operate in and around their borders.  Confusion ensued between what was licensed business or not since MMJs have few license requirements.  Properly zoned MMJ access points have taken the pain staking time and money to try to comply with County regulations, including relocating when their previous locations were made out of compliance by 13-086 last year. Many have done tenant improvements, invested in earthquake retrofit upgrades, commercial sprinkler systems, ADA compliance and secured occupancy permits. Out of the 23 access points currently operating in Snohomish County, approximately half are within code.  Recreational 502 businesses have extremely strict license requirements through the LCB.  This confusion caused some in power to want a ban on them all.

Proposed Land Use Action signs that began showing up this summer on rural roads all over Sno Co only further enflamed the NIMBYs (not in my back yarders) who began to show up at council meetings with a litany of fear based, unfounded testimonies why they should not be subjected to marijuana growing neighbors.  Accusations of reduced land values (despite a 7 percent increase in property sales prices), water pollution fears (despite drainage plans that prevent run-off ), concerns of odors (despite the expensive installation of commercial HVAC systems and carbon filtration systems), light pollution (despite the fact that most rural growers are using motion controlled and power saving low volt lighting systems), increase in traffic from non-frequent deliveries and other nonsense were recorded into county records as facts.

The most powerful pushback seems to be coming from an extremely wealthy land developer, J. Brent McKinley, who lives in a massively lavish family compound encompassing four R-5 properties.  This influential developer, horse breeder, world renown antique car and gun collector threatened a lawsuit in an Aug 1, 2014 letter to SPD and Councilman Ken Klein that vows to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if Snohomish County approves permits for marijuana business located on R-5 zoned properties.

Without any attempt to confirm the facts nor economic consideration of the impact of proposed changes, Snohomish County Council rushed through an emergency ordinance (14-318) on September 17th that adversely alters marijuana businesses operating on R-5 property. It also changed set back rules for MJ business surrounding airports and placed a one mile distance requirement between MJ businesses.

On September 29th the Council passed a second emergency ordinance halting the acceptance of all new medical marijuana dispensary/collective garden permits. ¬†(14-087 ‚Äď see video: http://snohomish.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=4116 )
On Wednesday, October 1st, the Council heard from over 20 R5 residences falling on both sides of the issue. ¬†They passed emergency ordinance 14-086 halting I-502 applications with unanimous vote to give them ‚Äėa 6 month breathing space‚Äô on this issue.
(see video and document: http://snohomish.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=4131 )


  1. There is a public hearing on these emergency ordinances scheduled for October 29th, 2014, time to be announced ‚Äď commonly held at 10am
    Snohomish County Courthouse, 8th floor, Robert J. Drewel Building (Administration Building East)
    3000 Rockefeller, Everett, WA
    Contact the Council office at 425-388-3494 to confirm time; be early as they are known to lock the door once council calls to order.
  2. The implementation of a Cannabis Task Force in Snohomish County (and all municipalities and counties) to address concerns on both sides of the issue seems a logical next step.  Dedicated, knowledgeable and reasonable folks in addition to representatives from planning and governing departments are needed.  Their fact based recommendations to County and City Councils are vital to sensible regulation moving forward.  Local governments need to dedicate resources to these bodies to make them effective.
    You are invited to contact your council representatives to ask for a Cannabis Task Force and the resources to maintain them.   Snohomish County Council contact information: http://snohomishcountywa.gov/Directory.aspx?DID=101
  3. All pro marijuana business people are encouraged to attend Council, Planning Commission and Agricultural Committee Meetings to witness the discussions and voice opinions.
    Sno Co meetings, agendas and live web cast can be found at: http://snohomish.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2
  4. Join the Google Group 502Cannabis to share information and stay informed. It’s free and extremely valuable: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/502cannabis

Thank you,

Peace and Prosperity,
Shawn DeNae
Advocate for Regulated Marijuana
CEO: Washington Bud Company

Moratoria redux: Rural residential blues and what to do



by Dominic Corva, Executive Director

The first wave of moratoria grabbed a lot of media headlines, and indeed got CASP its earliest national media attention.  My position then was that they were a nonstory, given that no production was imminent.  This time, there is cause for alarm and no media coverage to be had.

There is a new wave of moratorium fever sweeping the state.  Snohomish County passed an emergency moratorium yesterday despite a good turnout from folks trying to prevent it from happening, and just last week I heard from a Port Townshend producer that Olympic Peninsula counties are gearing up for similar struggles.

I don’t have much information yet, but my initial grasp is that they have to do with locating I 502 production in rural residential areas. ¬†This is a very specific moratorium type with very specific, non-governmental catalysts: neighbors of “mom and pop” producers — Tier 1 and Tier 2s. ¬†Tier 3s will not have this problem nearly to this degree, because they aren’t located in residential areas; and it would appear that Eastern Washington is less affected.

This is a story, and it needs to be in the headlines far more than the previous moratorium coverage cycle. ¬†I do not have the interns I had when we did the first study, so I’m going to need a lot of help to coordinate the gathering of information about this problem; how people are organizing against it; and what tactics are working or not working. ¬†Please send information. including invitations to come talk in person. to: dominic@caspcenter.org


Thank you!

Q: What is the canopy limit for WSLCB licensing protocol?


A: ¬†There is currently no firm canopy ceiling for the WSLCB, but Randy Simmons has stated publicly that they have a fungible approximation in mind as of late August 2014 of 8-10 million sq feet. ¬†He has said this elsewhere, but he said it in front of an audience for a “Business Intelligence” panel I was on Wednesday August 27 for the Marijuana Business Association¬†Tech seminar.

The 2 million square feet number that came from BOTEC’s summer 2013 recommendations to the state was officially thrown out last February, when the WSLCB reduced the number of¬†production licenses an applicant could hold from 1 from 3; and reduced max canopy per Tier by 30%.

This was a response to the fact that applications greatly exceeded the original cap by tens of millions of square feet. They stated the basis for their decision in this press release:

“Agency rules (WAC 3214-55-075 (8)) state ‚Äúif the total amount of square feet marijuana production exceeds two million square feet, the Board reserves the right to reduce all licensee‚Äôs production by the same percentage or reduce licensee production by one or more tiers by the same percentage.‚ÄĚ”

Given the slowness of the approval rate and difficulties unrelated to approval since February, the WSLCB is considering restoring the 30% canopy that was taken away last February, according to my sources. ¬†This is going to upset a LOT of the 2375 pending applicants, since as of 9/30, 235 applicants have been approved; 22 ¬†denied; 9 applicants issued licenses but are listed as “pending;” and 1 applicant is listed as active but pending approval.

How many of them will be upset depends on how many of them are viable. ¬†Right now we still don’t have a clear picture, but remember our April 23, 2014 interview with I-5 Real Estate owner Tom Gordon¬†in which he estimated that 5-15% of the applications were viable. ¬†We are at a little under 10% approval right now, and the WSLCB now has the opposite concern that they had in February: ¬†they need more active canopy. ¬†That says to me that while plenty of those 2000+ pending applications still haven’t had their first phone call from the WSLCB, an awful lot of those pending applications either had their phone call and haven’t gotten anywhere or really aren’t in a hurry to get that phone call.

In the meantime, license acquisition is now an absolutely normal thing, and folks whose license are not viable may sell their businesses to people who can make them viable.  This is probably not what the WSLCB wanted, and they may want to simply re-open the application process rather than let investor money take over.


Updated analysis and chart of the Legal Retail Landscape 9/30/2014




*Cannarex is our featured new retailer for this update.  To become a featured retailer, please contact the Center with good information and with a kind spirit. Thank you Cannarex for modelling both!


by Dominic Corva, Executive Director

Today we update what we know about the retail landscape so far.  My research over the last several days shows information for 44 retail stores are now open, out of 61 retail licenses issued.  Blaine Stum, marijuana policy advisor for the City of Spokane, recently reached out to let me know he counted 51 open stores, so we are missing 7 open stores in the list below.  If yours is one of them, please contact us so we can list you.

It is a little surprising that many stores do not have their own web sites, although some of these have Facebook pages.  Most are listed by Leafly, Allbud, and Greenlight Washington.  If you are a retail store that does not have a web site AND a Facebook page AND listings on all three of those locators, you should consider moving on that.  Advertising restrictions vary by jurisdiction but most have rigorous limits, so not taking advantage of these basic options is hurting your business.

Given limits on advertising, it is also surprising that so many retail location names are not clearly indicative of the product being sold. ¬†This is especially problematic in rural Washington, along major transit routes such as I-90. ¬†The Ellensberg Apothecary, for example, sits on a major tourism transit route for folks wishing to recreate outdoors. ¬†But since they cannot for legal reasons make clear in their store signage that they sell recreational cannabis, and since an apothecary might be any herbal medicine store, they could probably use “Legal Cannabis” somewhere in their name.

I also want to give a shout out to Cannarex, which just opened in Mt. Vernon and has a very nice web site. ¬†They called me last week to make sure I knew they were opening, and given my lack of human resource support they made my job much easier. ¬†Thank you Cannarex! ¬†I am happy to help publicize retailers free of charge for providing information so I don’t have to go digging for it.

If any of this information is incorrect, please email dominic@caspcenter.org and I will update the list.

I did my best to update from the hours of operation that were made available to us a month ago, but it’s clear that things change rapidly and many folks are only “sometimes” open due to supply issues, in addition to many folks changing their hours of operation. ¬†Most of the following 44 entries are updated, but not all. ¬†Please call before assuming the information is current.


Tradename Street Address City County ZipCode DateCreated DayPhone Web Site Hours of Operation
ALTITUDE 260 MERLOT DR PROSSER BENTON 993500000 20140706 5097864200 None M-Su 12-8
NEW VANSTERDAM 6515 E MILL PLAIN BLVD VANCOUVER CLARK 986617455 20140706 3605974739 http://newvansterdam.com/ M-Th 11-9, F-Sa 11-10; Su 11-7
FREEDOM MARKET 820A WESTSIDE HWY KELSO COWLITZ 986264355 20140706 3603550682 http://freedommarket420.com/ M-Su 9am-12am
WESTSIDE420 RECREATIONAL 4503 OCEAN BEACH HWY STE 103 LONGVIEW COWLITZ 986325055 20140706 3604235261 http://www.westside420.com/ M-Su 10-6
LONGVIEW FREEDOM MARKET 971 14TH AVE STE 110 LONGVIEW COWLITZ 986324049 20140904 3606360420 None M-Su 9am-12midnight
420 HOLIDAY 2028 10TH AVE LONGVIEW COWLITZ 986324007 20140728 3607033103 None Tu-Su 9-9
THE HAPPY CROP SHOPPE 50 ROCK ISLAND RD EAST WENATCHEE DOUGLAS 988025352 20140706 5098881597 http://thehappycropshoppellc.com/ M-Th 12-7; F-Sa 12-8
CANNARAIL STATION 1448 BASIN ST NW SUITE A EPHRATA GRANT 988239695 20140818 5097541047 http://www.cannarailstation.com/ M-Sat 12-8
THE 3-M’S OF GRAYS HARBOR 5675 STATE ROUTE 12 STE 1 ELMA GRAYS HARBOR 985410000 20140923 3604709265 None Sometimes
BUD HUT 1123 E STATE ROUTE 532 CAMANO ISLAND ISLAND 982828833 20140706 4254789928 http://www.thebudhut.net/ Sometimes
HERBAL ACCESS RETAIL 661 NESS’ CORNER RD PORT HADLOCK JEFFERSON 983390000 20140801 3602977996 None M-Sa 10-7, Su 12-6
SEA CHANGE CANNABIS 282332 HIGHWAY 101 STE 2 PORT TOWNSEND JEFFERSON 983688700 20140718 2064228328 http://www.seachangecanna.biz/ F-Su 10-8
OCEAN GREENS 9724 AURORA AVE N SEATTLE KING 981033223 20140926 2062299893 http://www.oceangreens420.com/ M-Su 10-10
UNCLE IKE’S 2310 EAST UNION ST SEATTLE KING 98122 20140923 2062029565 http://www.uncleikespotshop.com/ M-Su 12-7
CANNABIS CITY 2733 4TH AVE S 1ST FLOOR UNIT SEATTLE KING 981341912 20140706 2066821332 http://cannabiscity.us/ M-Su 12-8
CROCKPOT 1703 SE SEDGWICK RD STE 113 PORT ORCHARD KITSAP 983669599 20140722 2533127280 https://www.facebook.com/crockpot420 M-Th 10-10, F-Sa 10-12pm, Su 10-6
ELLENSBURG APOTHECARY 1516 WEST UNIVERSITY WAY ELLENSBURG KITTITAS 989260000 20140728 5098335556 http://www.ellensburgapothecary.com/ M-Su 9-8
MARGIE’S POT SHOP 405 E STUEBEN BINGEN KLICKITAT 986050000 20140706 5094930441 http://www.margiespot.com/ M-Su 10-7
STONEHENGE CANNABIS 8142 HIGHWAY 14 LYLE KLICKITAT 986350000 20140903 5097670039 None M 10-6; F-Su 10-6
4US RETAIL “Caribou Corner” 23251 HWY 20 OKANOGAN OKANOGAN 988400000 20140706 3602240978 None M-Sa 10-7
AUSTIN LOTT 29 HORIZON FLATS RD STE 8 WINTHROP OKANOGAN 988628400 20140706 5094295556 None M-Sa 10-8
MR. BILLS OF BUCKLEY 29297 HWY 410 E STE D BUCKLEY PIERCE 983218482 20140912 2533835855 http://www.mrbillsofbuckley.com/ Tues-Sat, 10-7
RAINIER ON PINE 3111 S PINE ST TACOMA PIERCE 984094711 20140706 2066508908 http://www.rainierwellnesscenter.com/ M-F 10-7; Sat 11-8; Su 11-7
CLEAR CHOICE CANNABIS 8001 S HOSMER ST TACOMA PIERCE 984081017 20140729 2534445444 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clear-Choice-Cannabis/558033004306715 M-Sa 10-6
CREATIVE RETAIL MANAGEMENT AKA Highway 7 7046 PACIFIC AVE TACOMA PIERCE 984087219 20140706 2536917293 http://www.hiwy7.com/home.html M-Sat 10-10; Su 10-8
MARY MART 3005 6TH AVE STE B TACOMA PIERCE 984066202 20140904 2533776126 None M-Th 10-8; F-Sa 10-9; Su 10-5
221 18729 FIR ISLAND RD STE C MOUNT VERNON SKAGIT 982738159 20140804 3604454221 None M-Sa 10-8; Su 10-6
CANNAREX 2714 HENSON RD MOUNT VERNON SKAGIT 982739036 20140905 4254058179 http://cannarex.net/ M-Sa 8am-9pm; Su 9-8
LOVING FARMS 2615 OLD HIGHWAY 99 S MOUNT VERNON SKAGIT 982730000 20140814 3605405168 http://www.lovingfarmsmarijuanastore.com/ Sun-Thu 10-6; Fri-Sat 10-8
CASCADE KROPZ 19129 SMOKEY POINT BLVD STE B ARLINGTON SNOHOMISH 982234258 20140706 3606595422 http://www.cascadekropz.net/ M-F 12-8; Sat 12-8; Su 12-4
HERBAL NATION 19302 BOTHELL EVERETT HWY BOTHELL SNOHOMISH 980127113 20140718 4254852535 http://www.herbalnationbothell.com/ M-Th 10-10; F-Sa 10am-12midnight; Su 10-6
GREENLIGHT 10309 E TRENT AVE MILLWOOD SPOKANE 992064514 20140918 5093093193 None M-Su 10-8
SATORI 9301 N DIVISION ST STE B-C SPOKANE SPOKANE 992181254 20140706 5099947051 None M-Sa 10-8:30, Su 10-7
GREEN STAR CANNABIS 1403 N DIVISION ST STE A SPOKANE SPOKANE 992021810 20140706 5099193398 http://www.greenstarcan.com/ M-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10-6
SPOKANE GREEN LEAF 9107 N COUNTRY HOMES BLVD STEB SPOKANE SPOKANE 992182071 20140706 5099193467 http://spokanegreenleaf.com/ M-Th 12-7, F-Sa 12-8
SAVAGE THC 4428 WILLIAMS VALLEY RD STE A CLAYTON STEVENS 991109745 20140806 5099992989 None Sometimes
420 CARPENTER 422 CARPENTER RD STE 105 LACEY THURSTON 985037906 20140706 3604026368 http://www.420carpenter.com/ Tu-Th 11-6; F-Sa 11-7
GREEN LADY 3044 PACIFIC AVE SE STE B OLYMPIA THURSTON 985012043 20140804 5098697574 http://www.greenladymj.com/tag/recreational/ Sometimes
2020 SOLUTIONS 2018 IRON ST STE A BELLINGHAM WHATCOM 982264212 20140706 3603938697 http://i502solutions.com/ M-F 9-9, Sa 9-7, Su 11-6
CASCADE HERB COMPANY 1240 E MAPLE ST STE 103 BELLINGHAM WHATCOM 982250000 20140725 3607782357 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cascade-Herb-Company/262472240610023 M-Su 10-8
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Crucial moment for cannabis and social policy in Washington State


Act here.  Read on for clarification.

Dear Washingtonians,

US Attorneys are critical interfaces between state and federal policy, especially when these do not line up. ¬†They determine, more than any other branch of government, how to manage contradictory federal/state legal fields through policy. ¬†Durkan’s record was incredibly favorable towards state experimentation. ¬†Her successor may not share her wisdom.

We can do something about it.

Since US Attorneys are nominated by state senators, usually in response to someone’s interest in putting their person in this critical position, we cannot influence this by voting. ¬†Instead, we need to influence this by organizing, and the best way to do that is to write letters to the senators that nominate them. This effort by ASA, the political wing of our fiscal sponsor ASAF, makes it much easier for everyone to write a letter and send to Senators Murray and Cantwell.

So, take 5 minutes.  Fill in the blanks, print, put in an envelope, and send to the provided address.  Share it with your friends, play telephone with it.  This may be the most important thing you can do right now if you are interested in optimizing cannabis and social policy.

The link is here, and at the top of this post.

From the link:

“U.S. Attorney for Western Washington Jenny Durkan resigned recently and our U.S. Senators are now considering who to recommend as her replacement. It is very important that Senators Murray and Cantwell recommend a replacement who has at least as much respect for the state medical cannabis program as former U.S. Attorney Durkan. Please take a moment to fill out the following letter to both Senators Murray and Cantwell to make sure they recommend a U.S. Attorney who will help preserve the rights of medical cannabis patients in Washington State. – See more at: http://org.salsalabs.com/o/182/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=16513#sthash.qrNHPMcX.dpuf