Cannabis Use Survey: “Tell us anything else you would like us to know”

The Cannabis Use Survey is an ongoing  questionnaire  designed to probe the natural history of the phenomenon of a self-administered herb/drug either for medical use or not.   Drs. Sexton and Mischley have published peer-reviewed papers that better define who Cannabis users are, their beliefs about Cannabis, their use patterns, side effects, and the therapeutic benefits they experience.  One is on the topic of differences between those identified as male/female and the other is a description of patterns of use and perceived efficacy

The contents of this book are comments that were submitted by participants on many topics.  The book is indexed for easily finding topics of interest.  As practitioners of naturopathic medicine, Doctors Laurie K. Mischley and Michelle Sexton hear many first-hand accounts of experiences with cannabis. Curious to see if their patients’ views represented those of the wider public, they sought the opinions of users worldwide.

Dr. Sexton writes: “These stories point to a larger narrative, that of dissatisfaction with how healthcare is being delivered and the fallacy of single molecule medicine.” Writes Dr. Mischley: “The incongruence between what I was being taught by trusted authority figures and what I was observing for myself got under my skin. By college, I was determined to do my part to remedy the miscommunication between those who used cannabis and those who judged it.”

By purchasing a copy of this book, you support the ongoing cannabis survey, currently being translated into Italian, French and German.  If you would like to be a participant in the survey, we invite you to join the largest survey of cannabis use!