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Call For Entries!


Submit your entry form online HERE!

Then drop of samples directly to Medicine Creek: 3700 Pacific Hwy E. #400, Fife, WA 98424

OR contact Terpene Transit for Sample Pickup. Call: 253-677-3853

The Terpene Tournament™ is an element of the Terpestival™   intended to highlight the quantitative science behind the quality of  Cannabis,  as well as the qualitative experience cannabis terpenes invoke. By entering your crowning strain or solventless extract or concentrate (CO2 accepted) of cannabis, you will receive a terpenoid and cannabinoid profile from Medicine Creek Analytics for your entry (Sample here), as well as two (2) tickets to attend The Terpestival : Terpene Tournament and Festival on July 15 at the Sodo Lot, Seattle WA, plus entry into the VIP terpene party the night before.

Entries will be ranked objectively based on the relative quantities of total terpenoids for 9 categories, as well as terpenoid ratios compared to cannabinoids.

An invited panel of judges will provide subjective feedback for judging as well.

CASP will be accepting entries of flower and solventless (CO2 acceptable) extract for a terpene exhibition and competition.

To enter the competition, you will need to deliver your sample(s) to Medicine Creek Analytics. Thank you Medicine Creek for your partnership!

13 Award Categories to Recognize Top Terpene Producers in Washington


Beta-caryophyllene  ♦  Alpha-pinene  ♦  Myrcene  ♦  Linalool  ♦  Humulene  ♦  Terpinolene  ♦  Limonene    Ocimene  ♦  Total Terpenes  ♦  Most Broadly Therapeutic (CBD ratio closest to 1:1 plus total terpenes)  ♦  CBD Rich (total CBD plus total terpenes)  ♦  THC Rich (Total terpenes plus total THC) ♦ Judge’s Choice 


How to Enter the Terpene Tournament

Cost per entry $250 and includes two (2) tickets to the event and terpenoid analysis from Medicine Creek Analytics. See sample analysis HERE.

There are 3 ways to submit your flower or solventless extract.

  1. Submit the QA sample to Medicine Creek and send the full $250 to CASP (6701 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103). Entrant’s results won’t be official for their lot. This choice makes sense for folks that already have official results and are not interested in replacing those results.
  2. If entrants DO want new official Biotrack #s, then we are splitting the difference with Medicine Creek. Pay Medicine Creek $50, and send CASP the remaining $200.
  3. If you already have Medicine Creek results because you are already clients, use those results for the product you wish to enter. Send the full $250 to CASP.


In EACH case, entry forms and checks to CASP must be given or sent to CASP, not delivered to Medicine Creek. That address again is 6701 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103. Please make sure all samples are manifested through BioTrack.

**Once QA samples have been ranked and if your submission qualifies for a category field, you will also need to submit one ounce for flowers and 14 grams for extracts to have your product placed in the judge’s kits. All sample submissions must come from the same lot attached to the test.**

Download the Terpestival™ Entry Form in advance or fill it out when you arrive at the drop-off location.


3700 Pacific Hwy E. #400
Fife, WA 98424

Deadline to Enter Competition: May 10th!

Questions? Please contact Lara at: info@thecannabisalliance.us

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