We are currently accepting interns indefinitely, on a rolling basis.  We have urgent need for a Communications and Geographic Information Science Interns.    Interns may work from home, school, or at our offices in Phinney Ridge.  All interns are unpaid, however there are exciting growth opportunities for which having been our intern will be a major asset.  Development interns may be able to work on commission fees.

Please send your resume, cover letter and any questions to drew@cannabisandsocialpolicy.org.  Please include why you are interested in this position and the amount of time you would like to work.

The following internships are available:

Public Policy/Research Internship — all of the following are included in this internship.  No prior knowledge of cannabis research is necessary, but a strong grounding in empirically focused critical studies is a plus.

Geographic Information Science Research Intern

Labor Studies Research Intern

Women Studies Research Intern

Critical Race Research Intern

Environmental Studies ResearchIntern

Public Health Research Intern

Urban Studies Research Intern

Agricultural Studies Research Intern

Cannabinoid Science Research Intern

The following internships would serve all of our projects:

Development Internship

Communications Internship



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