Crucial moment for cannabis and social policy in Washington State

Act here.  Read on for clarification.

Dear Washingtonians,

US Attorneys are critical interfaces between state and federal policy, especially when these do not line up.  They determine, more than any other branch of government, how to manage contradictory federal/state legal fields through policy.  Durkan’s record was incredibly favorable towards state experimentation.  Her successor may not share her wisdom.

We can do something about it.

Since US Attorneys are nominated by state senators, usually in response to someone’s interest in putting their person in this critical position, we cannot influence this by voting.  Instead, we need to influence this by organizing, and the best way to do that is to write letters to the senators that nominate them. This effort by ASA, the political wing of our fiscal sponsor ASAF, makes it much easier for everyone to write a letter and send to Senators Murray and Cantwell.

So, take 5 minutes.  Fill in the blanks, print, put in an envelope, and send to the provided address.  Share it with your friends, play telephone with it.  This may be the most important thing you can do right now if you are interested in optimizing cannabis and social policy.

The link is here, and at the top of this post.

From the link:

“U.S. Attorney for Western Washington Jenny Durkan resigned recently and our U.S. Senators are now considering who to recommend as her replacement. It is very important that Senators Murray and Cantwell recommend a replacement who has at least as much respect for the state medical cannabis program as former U.S. Attorney Durkan. Please take a moment to fill out the following letter to both Senators Murray and Cantwell to make sure they recommend a U.S. Attorney who will help preserve the rights of medical cannabis patients in Washington State. – See more at: