I-502 Moratorium Update!

by Dominic Corva, Executive Director

Yesterday I received another phone call from an I-502 applicant asking after a moratorium update. We do not have the human resources to keep up with our series, but the Municipal Research and Services Center is paid by Washington State to do so and finally has caught up and surpassed our previous work.

We may or may not continue the moratorium geography series, but it is very important to provide direction to people who have the resources to do so. Here is the link:


If you have used our information in the past year, now is a great time to remind you that we are a grassroots nonprofit 501c3 startup run on donations, and that we do have a donate button on the left. I don’t know how many people I’ve encountered in the last six months that have gone out of their way to thank us for our work, but I can tell you how many of those have donated: Zero.

The irony of asking for donations in a post that links to someone else’s work is not lost on me. I like to think of it as showing people what we did in the public interest with hardly a dime to our budget, and what can happen when an organization is empowered to continue their work. The State of Washington has their contract research organizations, and we have never been approached to help despite how far ahead of organizations with way more resources and direct connections to information that percolates within rather than flows out of the system in a limited fashion.

Imagine what we could do with some funding, any funding at all.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, and it would be tax deductible.

Thank you,


Dominic Corva