Partner Project Okanagon Cannabis Association


by Dominic Corva

The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy is pleased to announce a partner research project with the Okanagon Cannabis Association.  This project will focus on educating policymakers and the public about the environmental impacts of Legal Cannabis Policy, with a special focus on identifying the geography of indoor and outdoor Legal Cannabis businesses throughout the state.

The project should be especially relevant to the Liquor Control Board as it reviews applications; environmental stakeholders throughout the state since Legal Cannabis Policy is, from this perspective, a new layer of environmental policy; Legal Cannabis industry stakeholders as they decide how they will grow and where, at the lowest production cost; and the Department of Agriculture as it should, in the future, be increasingly involved in regulating Cannabis Agriculture.

The term “environmental impacts” will include but not be limited to analysis of solar, water, and soil issues related to Legal Cannabis Agriculture; and will be cross-studied with socioeconomic data to produce information on the relationship between environmental policy and other forms of social policy such as inequality, gender and race.