Terpestival California 2016

2nd annual Terpestival™ 2016

Celebration, Competition, and Education!

Hopland, California — July 23

Join us in the Emerald Triangle to celebrate terpenes and support CASP and Project CBD!

IMG_5956The 2nd annual Terpestival™ is a terpene festival, a community-based fundraising event designed to educate the public on the contribution of terpenoids to plant-based medicine. Terpestival™ also offers growers the chance to showcase their top genetics by competing for the top terpene characteristics in flower or a solventless extract (CO2 is acceptable).

The Terpene Tournament™  (formerly called the Terpene Crown) is a part of the event intended to highlight the “quantitative” science behind the quality of  Cannabis. 11 award scl_seal_largecategories are open to both a flower and solventless winner each, so enter now for your chance to take home a trophy from the Terpene Tournament! Deadline to enter is June 25th.   Our lab sponsor is SC labs !

We are happy to welcome back Dr. Ethan Russo as our keynote speaker for our inaugural California event and he will present on “Terpenoids and Cannabinoids.” Stay tuned for more about the other expert panelists and speakers who will participate in our education. This is an inclusive event that is carrying the theme of “sustainable economies.” We will be including panels that will address topics such as: Ethan Russo Imageepigenetic factors that influence terpene production,  terpenes and “branding”, how enthusiasts can “follow their nose” and  terpenes and wellness.  Come expecting to hear a spectrum of inviting information from across different several industries!

Event Schedule July 23

10:00 am  Festival opens

10:00 and 10:30 Educational tour of the land

11:15- 12:00  Terpenes in Extraction and Product Development panel

Moderator: Frenchy Cannoli


  • Alec Dixon of SC Labs
  • Pam Haley of Eden Labs
  • Ciarin McCarthy

12:00-1:45 Lunch  (with DJ background music and time to shop)
2:00-2:45.  Keynote: Dr. Ethan Russo
3:00-3:45   Farming for Terpenes panel

Moderator: Debbie Goldsberry


  • Jim Fullmer of Demeter Association
  • Sunshine Johnston of Sunboldt Farms
  • Mike Black of Envirocann

4:00-4:45             Terpenes in Health and Wellness panel
Moderator: Cuauhtemoc Villa


  • Trish Flaster
  • Jessica Peters of MoxieMeds
  • Dr. Ethan Russo
  • Michelle Sexton of CASP
  • Greg Gerdeman

5:00-5:45            Terpene Tournament Awards Ceremony
6:00            Event Closes

Cannabis pairings inside Emerald Pharms all day

How to Enter

The competition is now closed and the judges are reviewing entries. This year’s Terpene Tournament has several award categories for flower and solventless (including CO2).

What are Terpenes?

Terpenoids are flavor and fragrance components, aromatic compounds common to many other plants we encounter daily, such as: lavender, rosemary, peppermint, pine and thyme. Terpenoids  contribute to the “synergy” effeIMG_5842ct of botanical medicines, herbs, spice and Cannabis. Synergy is the interaction of two or more agents combining for a greater effect than the sum of individual parts. This has also been called the “entourage effect,” and in the case of Cannabis, there is good evidence that other compounds enhance or modify the effects of  THC. Some of the purported mechanisms are by modulating inflammation, controlling anxiety, having anti-depressive action and antibacterial effects.

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