Terpestival California 2016

Terpene Tournament™ Entry Information


The Terpene Tournament™ is an element of the Terpestival™   intended to highlight the quantitative science behind the quality of  Cannabis,  as well as the qualitative experience cannabis terpenes invoke. By entering your crowning strain or solventless extract or concentrate (CO2 accepted) of cannabis, you will receive a terpenoid and cannabinoid profile from SC Labs for your entry, as well as a ticket to attend Terpestival : Terpene Tournament and Festival on July 23, 2016 at the Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland, CA.

See a sample of the Terpene Report you will receive by clicking:  

Terpene Report from SC LabsMartinanddominic

Entries will be ranked objectively based on the relative quantities of total terpenoids for several of the 10 categories, and an invited panel of invited judges will provide subjective feedback for  judging the remaining categories. CASP will be accepting entries of flower and solventless (CO2 acceptable) extract for a terpene exhibition and competition.

To enter the competition, you will need to deliver your sample(s) to one of the following drop-off locations NO LATER THAN June 8, 2016.  We are proud to partner with SC Labs!


10 Award Categories to Recognize Top Terpene Producers in California

Quantitative Awards (from lab analysis):

1. Highest Total Terpenes

2. Highest Pinene content

3. Highest Myrcene content

4. Highest Terpinolene content

5. Highest Limonene content

6. Highest Beta-Caryophyllene content

Qualitative Awards (from judge’s experience):

7. Best “nose”   

8. Most energizing:  physical/cognitive

9. Most relaxing:  sedating, sleep-inducing

Quantitative plus Qualitative

10. Best in show: based on qualitative and quantitative results


How to Enter the Terpene Tournament

Cost per entry $200 and includes 1 ticket to the event and terpenoid and cannabinoid analysis from SC Labs  — Thanks to SC Labs for being our Lab and Isoprene Education Stage sponsor!

For an example of the terpene profile you will receive by entering your sample : Sample Terpene Report from SC Labs 

  • Flower: Submit 1 oz of your top-shelf flower for analysis and judge panel review. Please deliver your flower in quart-sized wide-mouth mason jar, or the equivalent.
  • Solventless extract (includes CO2): Submit 4 grams of your top-shelf concentrate for analysis and judge panel review: Cost per entry $200. Please deliver your concentrate  in a small, wide-mouth glass jar (so we can easily divide it samples) or something equivalent. It’s best to avoid plastic (such as a syringe) as all of the terpenophenolic compounds will bind strongly to plastics.

Download the Terpestival™ Entry Form in advance or fill it out when you arrive at a drop-off location.

Drop off locations for entries

Deadline to Enter Competition: June 8

Download information for the Competition Terpestival 2016 if you need it!scl_seal_large

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