What is Light Dep?


by Dominic Corva, Executive Director

Since we’ve been critiquing the corporate media fixation on supply shortage and the notion that the WSLCB is not the only factor shaping I-502 compliant cannabis agriculture in Washington State, it might be a good idea to explore the cyclical nature of cannabis agriculture — and therefore the seasonality of prices — through one very effective strategy called “light dep” (short for light deprivation).

I would be a terrible “ganjier” if I was the one doing the explaining, since I’ve never actually done it myself.  Instead, I invite readers to check out how it’s described by one of the sponsors of the Emerald Triangle’s first “Golden Tarp Award,” to be held September 13th, 2014 at the Mateel Center in Redway, California.  Please welcome, as a CASP knowledge supplement:

What is Light Deprivation? by Jonathan Valdman of Forever Flowering at The Ganjier!

Additional information regarding light dep can be found here, by “Wonderland Nursery.”